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Loose tuning screw?

Unit is mounted in my big truck. Pulled it out one day and heard a rattle. Opened the bottom and found one of those tuning screws floating around. (looks like a set screw, goes in one of the threaded tubes with the copper wire windings around it.) There are two hollow tubes without screws that I can see. A black one at the back left, and a brown one at the back center next to where the antenna hooks up through the back panel. Seams like people can hear me for a good distance, but I lose them at 1/4 mile or less. Also, the two empty tubes and the screw have no sign of the thread locking wax

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Loose tuning screw?

Normaly they have a thin rubberband run down inside the tube to hold the tuning slug inplace.
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Ii bought a galaxy dx 959 new abought two and a half years ago. i ran it for about 3 months when it started having speaker issues. i would turn it on and run it for a while and i would loose speaker output. needle swinging good in receive and transmit, radio operation was 5x5 so i turned it off. next morning i forgot all about it turned it on and same condition occured, so im thinkig speaker problem, and dont turn on anymore. well three weeks later i get a different job! so i remove radio from service truck and forget all about it. now to years later to the week i hooked it up and now it has no audio at all, so i hookup a external speaker and its a wisper,so now i try talkback and speaker is fine so next i connect it to my car stereo and ofcourse you can hear it but have to crank it up. anntena tuned at about 1.3! so i start messing with it and find the squelch control does nothing, then i notice the frequency for 19am is off by .004 turned rectifier from max to min once all the way to the left its 27.185 with no more counterclockwise adjustment available. any ideas? no speaker audio, no changes from squelch and off frequency

.004 off freq is not the worst for an AM radio. At this point, if you got it to tune to 28.185 that is the freq for channel 19 leave that. I might suggest you try a new potentiometer knob for your volume/squelch. They do go bad and can make it so you can't hear. There is a resistor in them and they go bad from time to time. Good luck.
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Saturn workman b-100

I just bought this antenna and i saw that swr was off the scale so i was thinking and thought of trying a ground on the bracket of the antenna and when i did that the swr's were totally flat. When i did that i called my buddy and told him to let me know what the signal was with this antenna and he said it was like 91/2 pounds for signal and that was with it in my bedroom. so i would just put a ground wire on the bracket andyou would be good.
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Radio clicks on and off during transmit.

Hi Dispatcher, There might be a few things going on here. You say you hear clicking, regulator woudnt be doing that as they are solid state. It could be a relay, some radios have relays instead of electronic switching when you key up.If the voltage is too low that can cause the relays to "chatter", I would look into that first. Can you take the radio to your vehicle and hook it up there ? ( If you are set up for that) just to see if your battery will drive it better. Are you running a Kicker or modulator? Lets get this sorted out and see what happens,there are other things but lets try one at a time. Good Luck, Tom
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My galaxy 949 is not reciving or transmitting sometimes when i hit a bump it will start working but then hit another it goes back out i have checked the screws on the board they were loose but it did not help

Lets hope its a loose or disconnected wire. If it's not it is possible you have a hair line crack in the board, which is a pain to fix.Check all the wires going to the front panel of the radio. Pay close attention to the wires that go to the switch for CB/PA mode. If one of the wires comes disconnected, then it may be stuck in limbo between PA mode and CB mode.If there are no loose wires, and there is a break in the board, then the only way to fix it is to find what traces are broke and solder jumpers past the breaks. It's a bit of work to find all the problem points.Also, Inspect all the solder joints on the trace side of the board for cold solder joints. I would go over them and make sure all of the solder points are fully soldered.
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I just hooked up my brand new GALAXY DX 959 CB SSB Radio. t appears that I have nor or cannot get it tuned correctly. I bought a Magnet mounted CB Antenna from Radio Shack and the 12 volt 110 AC to 13.8 V dc to input to the receiver. I am trying to use this as both a in home base station and then move it out into my my truc. I had the antenna sitting on a couch perfectly upright and I though it miht be a grounding issue so I mounted the antenna on my baseboard radiator. That seemed to change lotsa reading but all I get is hiss. I live in the mountains of Virginia and possibly no one is on the air and I am in process of going theough each channel USB LSB & AM calling for radio checks but no answers. Any suggestions?

I'm no expert, but everything I read says the antenna needs to be outside. If it's a mobile antenna, then it is designed to use your car as part of the system, so on top of the car out in the open (not even in a carport) away from the house is the way to go. Also, you need to dial in your SWR with a meter to maximize antenna efficiency and make sure you don't blow up your radio. Hope this helps.
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DX959 only tunes in 2ch steps. tune ch 40 frq disp reads 27.405( 40)radio tx and rx on 40. tune down to 39,frq disp says 27.405 not 27.395(39) rx and tx on 40. tune down to 38 and frq disp says 27.385 (38)radio tx and rx on 38. this problem continues down the band untill the low 20's. ??? IC3? tune sw?? radio IS properly aligned.

Has this set been modded? there is a lot that you can do to this unit
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How to tune galaxy 2547 for more power - Galaxy Radios DX-2547 40-Channels Base CB Radio

Max power on AM that you can run is 4.5 -5 watts . Any more than this and you could be considered illegal . Cut the Hi watts down to about a 3 and bring the modulation up and you should be all set.
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I have a Midland 1001Z 40-Channels Base CB Radio and a Magnetic-mount CB antenna. 29" stainless steel whip and 6" spring. About 46" high overall. All bought from / in Alberta canada. I hooked up a SWR meter to it to match them up. The end problem i had was when i was adjusting the antenna to get it at 2 or below. I cant get it to come down from 3. Not sure what I should do from this point. Can i cut down the antenna or replace it ? should i change it to a single antenna that is a Heavy-duty dual trucker kit with 1.2m (4') 1/4" wave helically-wound antenna, 20-gauge copper wire, factory-tuned ?

Try Grounding it better. Its supposed to equal 8.5 ft.(102 inches) but the coil may make that in all.You can clip like 1/8 inch off at time until it goes 2.1 Swr. Thats a good standard. 1.5 SWR is desired. If it don't have a coil with it that may be the problem. You could turn it into a 8.5 ft. antenna by buying a 102" inch whip to screw into the base of your antenna, it depends if it holds or not. You could build you a matcher like this with a solder gun+solder and 2 resistors. Get you a box with 2 female cb antenna inputs. Drill a hole for both Cb antenna inputs into box. Place them into holes screw nuts down snug. Run a copper wire inside to both grounds or a plate somewhat. Run a thick gauge copper wire from center cb ANT INPUT(2) to other input of ANT INPUT(1). Solder 2 100 ohms in parallel from input to Ground. If you could take apart your radio(eliminating the box idea). Just Solder 2 (100 ohm) resistors to your Antenna output then put it back together. 50 OHM MATCH HERE Is the main idea. I've used 75 OHM Tv coax and reduced SWR.
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