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Cb radio i bought a uniden pc78xl cb Ive hooked it up and calibrated it to the antennes i cna send very well but cant recive unless the other person is real close i belive i should be getting out alot better than that. ive tried grounding the antennes. and i dont know what esle to to do.

Posted by brian bipes on Aug 07, 2007

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Cb radio i bought a uniden pc78xl cb Ive hooked it up and calibrated it to the antennes i cna send very well but cant recive unless the other person is real close i belive i should be getting out alot better than that. ive tried grounding the antennes. and i dont know what esle to to do.

Hi, A couple of switches and knobs you can check (if present in your rig): 1. auto noise/noise blanker switch - try off position; 2. dynamic squelch control - lower down setting; 3. RF gain - should be at max (clockwise); and 4. Delta Tune - normally should be centered. Hope this works out for you and give you an idea where to start. Good luck and pls post again how things turn up. Kind regards.
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Well ive got a cobra 29 with a RF85X installed on it, it worked great for awhile then all of a sudden it stop transmitting took it to cb shop and repairman found the problem was a cap or diode which should have been removed was just cut, repairman removed this piece and radio began pumping 88 watts again, i installeed in my truck and tryed to transmit but was told it just had loud squeel but on recieve its clear and loud, please I rely on this radio to get me coast to coast and like it much better than the galaxey 959 im using now, but 959 pumps about 30 watts but I want my cobra back if you can help it would be great . thank you Sloan

Have you checked the SWR's.. also some caps help with the roll off of stray emissions . hopefully he took out the right one. also if you have low amperage going to the radio. it will cause problems. normal cobra 29 2-5amps and the factory pwr cord is adequate for that amperage now your pulling 80watts + make sure you have more amps to handle it. watts/13.8volts=AMPS needed. soo say if your radio is doing 100w/13volts you will need 7.7amps basically in theory.. amps- good grounds- good swr's that shop should of checked your antenna for free.. we do here in texas.
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Bought radio at Hamfest. Hooked it up worked flawless. Great ability to fine tune signals. Let a tech talk me into installing echo board. He tried two new boards. They wouldn't work. Told him never mind , put back like it was. He said he made it hear better and get out better. Now radio doest transmit. All this happens in his shop. Picked up radio and left.

The guy who was really not a tech probably didn't hook the mic wires back to the mic jack correctly. that will cause the radio not to TX or RX.Next time make sure the tech knows what he is doing, and check on line for cb radio shop blacklists to make sure that one isn't on the list.This guy owes you either a new radio, or pay to have that radio repaired.If both echo boards didn't work, he doesn't know what he is doing, because he put them in wrong.
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Trying to convert marine radio to ham band ? Cybernet CTX 1200

Big shuift 156 MHz to 144 MHz !!
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My radio off frequency

To do it right, you'll need a watt meter, a frequency counter that reads atleast 4 digits to the right of the decimal point and a dummy load. Connect the antenna connector from the back of the radio to the watt meter, to the freq. counter, to the dummy load. Connect the power leads to a decent power supply or atleast a charged 12 volt battery. (All of this applies only if you are in the U.S.A. or Canada!!!) Turn the radio on and tune to channel 1. Key up and ideally it will read a steady 26.9650MHz. It can read 26.9645 to 26.9655 and still be within FCC regs. Tune to ch. 20 and key up. It should read from 27.2045 to 27.2055. Tune to ch. 40. 27.4045 to 27.4055. Several important things to take notice of. First, (If you are in North America), This is an AM only radio and there will be no external transmit frequency adjustments. The last 2, (3rd and 4th), digits on the freq. counter should be the same across the whole 40 channels. The 4th digit shouldn't vary by more than 1 number either way. If it reads 26.9649 on ch. 1, it should read 27.4049 on channel 40. If the frequency varies by more than .0001MHz and your power is unusually low on the order of 1 1/2 to 2 watts using a good 3 amp or better power supply, suspect your RF final and / or driver transistors. If the silicon chip in either of these transistors is cracked, it can still work but at reduced power while throwing out a wide range of harmonic frequencies draining power from your CB channels and that will bring the FCC, (in the U.S.), knocking on your door in short order. If the freq. counter reads 26.9675 or 26.9625 or any combination of the last 2 digits like .9622, 9672 ect, on ch. 1 and reads the SAME last 2 digits up through the band to ch. 40, (27.4025, 27.4075 ect), then you can suspect the only crystal in the radio. Sometimes there is a small plastic variable capacitor next to the crystal. It looks like it has a SHINEY metal straight or philips screw in it's center. It can be red, blue, green, black or most any color, about 1/4 the size of a #2 pencil eraser. It will be right next to a small oblong shaped metal can anywhere from 1/16" to 1/2" tall. USING A PLASTIC SCREWDRIVER, key up on ch. 20 and adjust this part to bring the frequency to 27.2050 or as close as you can get to it. When you get there, start at ch.1 and key up, 26.9650, 2=26.9750, 3=26.9850, 4=27.0050. THIS IS NOT A MISTAKE!!! There is a 1 frequency skip between channels 3&4, 7&8, 11&12, 15&16 and 19&20. Channels 23, 24, & 25 will read 23=27.2550, 24=27.2350, 27.2450 then things straighten out with ch. 26=27.2650 ---40=27.4050. When there were only 23 U.S. channels, the skips between chs. 22 & 23 were referred to as 22 a & 22b. These were at one time business band channels that, with the proper license, could run up to 30 watts. All 23 ch. radios had 22a but was shorted out inside and it's space was sometimes used as a quiet spot for the PA speaker. The other 5 skips below this are still used today as radio control freqs for less expensive R/C toys. So much for CB history. ONE OTHER VERY IMPORTANT POINT!!! Make no other screw driver adjustments inside this radio!!! You can mess up your receiver, squelch, RF gain, transmit frequency, or reduce power output The bottom line here is the last 4 digits should follow the pattern laid out above. If you can't get the frequency tuned in, replace the crystal with the identical frequency as the one in the radio. Usually 10.240 MHz. Don't get any fancy ideas about changing freqs to the illegals in these radios. Changing this crystal a little bit up or down will change the freqs. but there will be no rhyme or reason to the new freqs you get. That 10.240 crystal not only controls the CB channels, it also controls channel spacing too. If you get ch. 20 to change to say 27.605, ch. 1 won't be 27.415 and 40 won't be 27.805. It's not worth the effort in the cheaper radios. It takes moving up to the Cobra 148 SSB or it's Uniden clones or the exports before you'll ever get it right. I've rattled on long enough. Good luck, Jeff Mc.
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Motorola ht600e ARE THEY DEAF??

OK.. First thing you need to make sure that the soldier joints at teh base of the antenna are OK. ive programmed quite a few of these and found all but 1 not to be broken. So get in there and take a look. If in doubt touch the joints up with a iron just to be sure. Then tart with a weakish signal ( used a hand held with a dummy load on it in another room with a tv on as sound) and tune core L1 to get maximum clear sound. Then do the same for L2. Then reduce power on hand help thats being your signal source and repeat L1 and L2 Tuning. Some times these radios have teh wrong antenas on them. as in a VHF and not a UHF. but ive yet to come across this my self. Hope this has been of help.. One last thing. the pins from the prog plug also break off teh main PCB so while ur touching up the antenna stuff do these at the same time. Cheers Dave UK G7
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Bought a set of Motorola Talkabout Twoway radio's(KEM-ML36100-24A). Bought at Canadian Tire on about the 15th of September of this year,2013. They were bought to take in on a fly-in moose hunt, on Sept.21,2013. They were all set up and fully charged but they couldn't hear each other talk,they were about an 8th of a mile apart and they could see each other but radio's wouldn't work. Also other hunters were about 3 miles away on the next lake and they could hear them shooting but couldn't talk on radio's. They tried using them again today for opening day of deer season and the same thing happened. They were about 500yards away, the guy on another radio could hear my boy friend but my boy friend couldn't hear any reply.The range for these is 56km. He has an old set of Motorola twoways KEM-P15353. The range on these is not as far and one of the chargers won't charge also we can't buy new battery packs for the old set which are only about 4 years old and only used 3 weeks of each year but they work better than the new ones with about double the range on the new ones. My boy friend is not happy with your product at all, he now has two sets of twoways and they are useless, he doesn't have the receipt for the new set so he is stuck but they don't begin to live up what your packaging says they will do. Do you have any suggestions on how to solve this matter. Its kinda had to use them when you can't hear anyone and they can't hear you.

I think it your best chance of getting help with this would be to contact the main office and tell them you just purchased the radios, they will not transmit and can they help you with the problem.This is their current contact information. Solutions8133 Warden AvenueMarkham Ontario L6G 1B3 Telephone: +1 905 948 5200United StatesMotorola Solutions, Inc.1303 East Algonquin RoadSchaumburg, Illinois 60196Telephone: +1 847 576 5000
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Cb radio doesn't give out any sound

You would be surprised how little people actually talk on CB radios these days. I went through similar struggles a few years ago. Unless you are in a major trucker area, the CB radio is basically silence. Check out the weather channels (anything on the WX setting) to make sure that your radio is receiving frequencies correctly. If that doesn't work, then it is your box, but I bet that will work. Good luck!
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Feedback problems with astatic echo boards

Have a 29wxnwst cobra. Installing astatic echo board. What is J1 and J2 on echo board
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