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Range problems this radio is supposed 2 be 10ml radius but it doeasnt work over 1 mile away

Posted by aegis shadows on Aug 03, 2007

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Range problems this radio is supposed 2 be 10ml radius but it doeasnt work over 1 mile away

With radios the maximum range stated usually means from one Mountain top to another they mean Line of sight without ANYTHING in between, and is often inaccurate..because of this.. in actual fact one mile is about all one could expect of low power units such as these... if there are any objects between the units .. well these sorta "Suck up" and Block the signal.. they go much further if one can "See" the other Line of sight.
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Motorola mj270r no range

Handheld radios talking line-of-sight with no obstacles will communicate approx. 2 miles. When talking from inside a building to outside, you can expect 1/4 to 1/2 miles range. Holding the antenna perpendicular to the ground gives you the best range. Height and placement of the antenna determines range. If you were on a mountain you could talk many miles into the valley below. However, in real world applications, range is limited. It can even be limited by the body fluid of the person wearing the radio on their hip, or blocked somewhat by the metal of the automobile one is riding in.Channels 18-22 are listed as GMRS channels and may have more power than 1-17. The FRS channels are limited to 1/2 watt. But don't be fooled wattage doesn't equal distance. Higher wattage may give you a little more distance, but mostly it will give you clarity in the fringe areas.Here is a link to the user guide: link to Motorola's page about the radio: I see where they are quoting 27 miles*, and go on to say:*How far can I expect my radios to communicate? The communication range quoted is calculated under optimum conditions, with an unobstructed line of sight. Actual range will vary depending on terrain and conditions, and is often less than the maximum possible. Your actual range will be limited by several factors including, but not limited to, terrain, weather conditions, electromagnetic interference and obstructions.Unfortunately, we are seldom in idea conditions. Radio-to-radio is going to get you 1/4 mile to 2 miles in real conditions.Best regards.
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29NW LTD CLassic No transmit flaky recieve

Final is dead, Im assuming
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Bought a set of Motorola Talkabout Twoway radio's(KEM-ML36100-24A). Bought at Canadian Tire on about the 15th of September of this year,2013. They were bought to take in on a fly-in moose hunt, on Sept.21,2013. They were all set up and fully charged but they couldn't hear each other talk,they were about an 8th of a mile apart and they could see each other but radio's wouldn't work. Also other hunters were about 3 miles away on the next lake and they could hear them shooting but couldn't talk on radio's. They tried using them again today for opening day of deer season and the same thing happened. They were about 500yards away, the guy on another radio could hear my boy friend but my boy friend couldn't hear any reply.The range for these is 56km. He has an old set of Motorola twoways KEM-P15353. The range on these is not as far and one of the chargers won't charge also we can't buy new battery packs for the old set which are only about 4 years old and only used 3 weeks of each year but they work better than the new ones with about double the range on the new ones. My boy friend is not happy with your product at all, he now has two sets of twoways and they are useless, he doesn't have the receipt for the new set so he is stuck but they don't begin to live up what your packaging says they will do. Do you have any suggestions on how to solve this matter. Its kinda had to use them when you can't hear anyone and they can't hear you.

I think it your best chance of getting help with this would be to contact the main office and tell them you just purchased the radios, they will not transmit and can they help you with the problem.This is their current contact information. Solutions8133 Warden AvenueMarkham Ontario L6G 1B3 Telephone: +1 905 948 5200United StatesMotorola Solutions, Inc.1303 East Algonquin RoadSchaumburg, Illinois 60196Telephone: +1 847 576 5000
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Cannot talk 2 my daughter about 5 miles away in worked earlier in day when we were close. have motorola 350 waterproof model we are both on same frequency big 2 little 5 do u have any answers

Sorry to say, to talk 5 miles conditions would need to be ideal. A handheld two-way radio talking radio-to-radio can talk as far as it can see line-of-sight. If you were on a mountain top you might be able to talk many miles into a valley below. However, in real world conditions you would have many obstacles: hills, building, trees, and even the body of the person wearing the radio. Realistically you could talk up to 2 miles line-of-sight, or 1/4 to 1/2 mile if you are talking in and out of a building. For best range, you can achieve maximum range by holding the radio upright with the antenna perpendicular to the ground, face the direction you are talking and have fully charged or new batteries installed. Best regards.
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Hi i have the motorola talkabout t500 and they dont work once we get more than 2 blocks away from each other it said that they were good for 5 miles they are both on the same channel

The 5 mile range claimed by the manufacturer might be possible if you were transmitting between two hilltops, with nothing between them except a body of water. The FRS/GMRS frequencies are "line-of-sight," which means that anything directly between the transmitter and the receiver (buildings, trees, cars, even people) can block the signal. Even the so-called 30-mile GMRS sets have an actual effective range of only about 1/2 mile.Bill B
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I just bought a motorola em1000r 2-way radio set. Last night they worked, but oly at distances under 2 miles (not 7-20 as advertised). But there was a snow storm. This morning they don't work. Today I am trying to re-configure them. I have them both set on the same 3 privacy codes but they do not communicate. I changed the codes and they still won't work. I

You might check your Qt filter setting. Here is a link to the user manual: These radios have a tendency to remember the last setting they were on, when you turn them on again. As far as range, handheld radios will talk line-of-sight up to 2 miles. Anything you get further is "bonus". Dealers cringe everytime we see an advertising claim of 5 miles or more. Here is a good explanation of range: If you are unable to get your radios to work correctly, since they are new, I would suggest returning them for another set.
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2 way radios (don't laugh) No output No reception

Take a look at the following chart: your radios are on the FRS band ~ 462 MHz, there is also a weather satellite band that overlaps this area.Try taking your radios to a big park or go away from town. If the radios improve, there is something interfering locally. If not, then either your equipment is aging and degrading, or something higher in the sky that you can't escape is interfering. (S-E = Space to Earth, meaning the satellite is beaming down its signal like a shower over the entire region, not focused like a laser beam.)
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Poor reception when i talk on the radio i can only talk to someone for about a 1/4 mile and i loose contact i do not hear a lot of sound from the radio unless the person is close bye, i have the rf gain and squelch turned up all the way, the ant. is a wilson 2000 and the wire seems ok the whole setup is about 8 yrs old, i hear a noise when the radio is on it almost sounds like electrical is turning on and off like when you step on the brake and the lights come on it clicks in the radio also the swr meter is not working the meter doen't work at all, the lights in the radio do not work but i read the responce for you with one of your other customers on that issue. what do you think is the problem is it just age???? the setup did sit in my garge for about 3yrs.

Better antenna located higher up.Make sure its 50 feet from the house or other objects & power lines. I just used an Antron A99 17'4 ft antenna at $59 with 50 ft RG213u or RG59 coax on a 30 feet tv pole and got ranges of 20 to 50 miles easy using a small car radio Uniden 76xl in my bedroom on a Radio Shack 12 volt DC 3 amp power supply..In a car a magnet mount in center of roof will do a good job. has antennas,coax,microphones,radios,power,mics. etc.
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Package, manuel and receipt were accidentally thrown away and we don't know how to charge the radios. They work, but are running low on battery power! They have a power supply cord that you plug both radios into. We have plugged them in overnight with the power off and with the radio power on, and they didn't charge either way! Not sure what to do. They are Cobra Microtalk two way radios. Thank you for your time and help! Angie

From what I just read on the Cobra website, you may be misinterpreting the battery indicator lights:My radio keeps showing low batteriesThis may simply be a matter of misinterpreting the low-battery indicator. We use two different types of battery indicators: Battery Level Indicator: This battery indicator is always visible, and has several segments. When all the segments are lit, the batteries are full. When only the last segment is lit, the batteries are almost exhausted. Low Battery Indicator: This type is usually NOT visible. It only appears when the batteries are low, at which time it flashes on the display to warn you of a low battery condition. Please note that when you turn on your radio it first performs a display test. Everything on the display will light up for a few seconds, including the Low Battery Indicator. This does not mean that the batteries are low. After a few seconds the display test will end, at which time the Low Battery Indicator should go away. Here is a link to the Manual for your radio: is a PDF file, which requires that you have Adobe Reader or equivalent installed on your computer for it to open and display properly. If you don't have it, it can be found here (it's free!): luck!
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