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Batteries in my Rino 120 don't last very long

My Rino 120 uses 3 AAA batteries. Originally I could get about 4 hours of continuous GPS use and moderate radio use. Now I barely get 1 hour of GPS use only. The unit gets very warm when in use. It will use a set of batteries after 6 hours when off. Anyone else have similar problems?

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Batteries in my Rino 120 don't last very long

Check if the Ptt buton is not pressed by itself Check if all the features are running well because heat is not a good sing.
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To make un full reset

To do full reset of all user data , turn unit off then press at the same time the power button, the toggle stick straight in and the page button. page button is below talk button. it may take several tries then choose yes at the prompt.
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Hello mironas3, A general rule of thumb when dealing with rechargeable battery packs is to take the capacity of the battery divided by the charge rating of the charger and then add an additional 10%. Offhand I am not sure what the voltage / capacity or voltage / charge rating of the battery and charger are but you can determine that by examine the labels on both items. Let’s say (for example) that your battery is listed as 7.2 volts and 1,000 mAH and your charger is rated as 9 volts and 100 mA. (These are just theoretical examples. Substitute the numbers from your own items.) You would divide 1,000 mAH by 100 mA to equal 10 hours. Then add 10%. So you expect a full charge to take around 11 hours time. Of course, actual charge time will vary depending on how discharged the batteries are when you start charging them. Since the charger that Motorola provided doesn't have a charge indicator determining when the batteries are done charging is a matter of making an educated guess. If you touch the batteries while they are charging and they feel warm to the touch, that's a pretty good indication that they are done or nearly done charging as once the batteries are topped off excess power will turn into heat. (Note that batteries in a charger should never be HOT. If they are ever more then just slightly warm, something is wrong with the battery or the charger or both.) Also, just a word of warning here: remember to always use the correct manufacturer recommended charger. Substituting a charger with twice the charge rate to charge the batteries in half the time is not a good idea. Rechargeable batteries are meant to be charged slowly. Fast chargers exist but they typically have built-in circuitry that pulses the charge rate to prevent the batteries from overheating. Using the wrong charger can result in damage to your battery or radio or worse could possibly even lead to a fire. Best Regards, Ken "Go Ahead. Use Us."
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I need info about the Radio Shack two way radio #21-1935. Can't find a manual. How long should it last with a rechargeable battery. I used a Uniden BP38. Is that recommended? Why did it fail after 2 hours? Thanks.

Hi, Thanks for using Fixya. Visit this Link to download the manual. All the necessary information that you need is in there. Good luck and have a nice day.
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I've had for ten years now. Last time I loaded

It's possible that the battery contacts have become corroded, or tarnished so that the batteries are not making contact with the battery case. DO NOT use steel wool to clean the contacts, as the steel wool shed little pieces into the battery case, and can cause a short circuit inside the radio. Use a brass brush to clean the battery contacts, then spray them with a product called DeOxit to prevent further tarnishing or corrosion. Good Luck, Longshorts.
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I've got a pair of Garmin Rino 110 that we use when outdoors. Recently, with full batteries and clear skies in the desert, not surrounded by trees, mountains, buildings, etc... both of the Rino 110s are reporting weak satellite signal and often losing the signals altogether. Often times it will not recover the signal for hours, even with new batteries and reboots. I emailed Garmin and was told basically that the Rinos **** and I'm out of luck. Email from Garmin is Below. My question is: Is there a known issue with the Rino GPS receiver/antenna that can be fixed in order to prevent the weak/lost signal? Perhaps a bad connection type within the unit that can be repaired, much like the battery contact issue that is often reported on the Rinos? Or, does anyone know if it's possible to solder a new, more sensitive internal or external GPS antenna onto the RINO board? ************************ Email response from Garmin: Thank you for contacting Garmin International. It is my pleasure to assist you. I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble with the devices losing satellite signal. Your devices do not have high sensitivity receivers. For best results, you will want to make sure the firmware is up to date. The current version is 3.90. As noted in your message, your devices are up to date. I apologize for any inconvenience. If you need any further assistance, please feel free to contact us. With Best Regards, Terry M Product Support Specialist Outdoor/Fitness Team Garmin International

That RINO should have no issues picking up satellite signals in the conditions you were in. If you were inside a building I may buy it but not in an open desert. Sounds like they are feeding you a line to me. I might try to get my money back on that one. One thing is for sure, you were in about the best conditions for using that unit. If it failed you then, it will more than likely fail you when your life may rely on it. It would seem that a different GPS/GMRS unit will be necessary to give you that security. Regards, Tony
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Motorola T6510 runs down battery quickly

These are one-way radios. no service, no spareparts. just trough away and buy new
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Powering the Yaesu FT-11R

The battery select determines whether you're using a NiCd or Alkaline battery, I believe the "adjust" is used to put the radio into service mode. If there's not an "auxiliary power input" you can hook up the bench supply to, check the battery output for the voltages and polarities, and hook up your supply accordingly.
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Motorola gp300 low battery warning sounds too soon.

Clean all the contacts on the back of the radio and the batt. One contact is pos. one is neg and the last one is volt info/charg.
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