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Connected then Disconnected!!!

I recently bought me one of those neat H500 headsets, brought it home, paired it with my SLVR L7c, used it that night and everything worked fine. Woke up the next day with both devices fully charged and tried using my headset and after it said "Connected" exactly 5 seconds later it says "Disconnected". I tried making a call with the phone and transferring the call to the headset. When I did this it said "Blootooth Signal Weak: Use Handset?". I tried just laying the headset directly on top of the phone and it still said this. I've only had the headset for 1 day! HELP!!!

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Connected then Disconnected!!!

That could mean your headset is not charging. make sure the light is doing what it is supposed to when charging. you probably have a defective charger. happened to me. you could try pairing it with another phone to see how long it lasts. I found the Moto HS850 to be the only good, reliable one.
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Won't work at all

Does it need a recharge?
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Problems pairing up a Nokia 6301 with my Motorola H500

Try power cycling the phone. Turn the Nokia off, wait 10 seconds, then turn back on and try again. It really does help sometimes. Let us know if this doesn't help.
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Disconnects by itself; mute problems

Mine also disconnects from my PS3 occasionally.
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Motorola H500 paired with Nokia phone

You have to keep the keyboard locked in order to use the headset. It assumes that you are able to talk without the connection when you touch any key, so it is gonna disconnect itself everytime.
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Headset disconnecting frequently

I think that the problem is with the on/off switch inside the headset boom. Mine has been doing the same thing lately. I'd like to find out how to fix it myself, cause I'm sure having it repaired would cost about as much as just buying a new or better headset.
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I am trying to connect my H500 to my new

Enter '0000' (four zeros) when your phone requests a passkey whilst pairing with your headset. Hope it works for you. Cheers! Carlos
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Headset won't get recognized or connect...

When your in device seek blue tooth mode at its start up to seek is on now on your bluetooth your using make sure completly off first then when device is in seek hold the bluetooth headset power down till your device finds the signal it will tell you in 30 to 40 that its found it if requires pin it is 0000 or 1234 or 12345 this after everything found thats it all you had to do
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I have my second motorola H700 headset paired to a samsung m300 phone. The problem is with my first headset after the pairing of the two, any time the headset was closed the bluetooth icon would go black (disconnect) and when the boom was open, the icon would go blue (automatically connect) to the phone. This new headset I have will pair fine, and I can connect it manualy and it will work fine. As soon as I close the boom and open it back up it will not connect again, I have to connect manually. I have tried pairing numerous times, turned off the phone, took out the battery, re-paired, still no luck. The original headset still works but the mic is shot. Tried pairing to my old headset again and it works just fine. Any suggestions?

Some phones allow you to set the options for the device in the bluetooth menu for each device. These options include auto authorize which is what you would be looking for to enable for your new headset to auto connect. I'm looking at the Samsung m300 user guide, but it doesn't mention this option, however it may be in the menu as an option when you select the device under the bluetooth menu.
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My H700 does not connect. When I attempt to connect it shows the disconnect option but it isn't connected

Will you give me precise directions on how to connect/pair my motorola H500 buletooth headset to my Sony Ericsson W580i.
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