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Noise my radio makes a scratching sound that is annoying after you send your call. it is really loud in the field. is there any way to stop this noise?

Posted by Paul Graytok on Nov 28, 2005

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Noise my radio makes a scratching sound that is annoying after you send your call. it is really loud in the field. is there any way to stop this noise?

Does your radio have a knob or switch which is marked as "SQEULCH" If it's a knob just rotate it until the noise stops and then just add a little bit more. It sounds like the squelch is acting a bit slow after you let the transmit button go. If it's a switch I'm afraid it means a trip to a technician for adjustment. BMW
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Stop the sound of a Tone when Keying to Transmit..

That generally means that it's set to transmit on an invalid frequency.
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Hi i have a problem with my ranger 2950dx which is when on AM or FM (SSB ok) the radio very quickly get so hot on the side where the audio chip is, think the heat is coming from the voltage reg? that you cannot touch the radio then what happens you get a loud machine gun noise coming from the speaker the only way to stop it is to pull the power then reconnect but soon as you key up or turn the volume up this noise starts again help

No its the audio chip that has shorted out its mounted on the center middle of the radios circuit board, and the radios side chassis is the heat sink,open it up and when it starts to get hot and motor boat/machine gun,spray it with circuit board chiller(available at any electronics parts dealers)and see if it ceases,also spray any nearby capacitors and the board too as if a cap gets hot in this circuit the thing will either short or go open and chilling these components will heal them till they get hot again,then just replace the suspect component
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Motorola t5720 walkie talkie not transmitting or receiving

To answer your questions: the airport xray should not have harmed them, and there is no reset button. If you are using the radios with the rechargeable battery pack, it most likely needs replaced. They have a life expectancy of 12-18 months. Here is a link to the Motorola store:;jsessionid=B7997F21F6A409F029D6DEC2CB194ADB.mot2?cmd=catDisplayStyle&entryPoint=adirect&catKey=601560&messageType=catDisplayStyle Clean your battery contacts both in the radio and on the battery with a pencil eraser. There is also a chance the radios are not programmed correctly. Be certain the frequency, interference code eliminator and the Qt filter (if any) are set identical to one another. You indicate you have a manual, I will insert a link here for those who do not, who might read this: Lastly, you may simply have one radio which has failed. It is not likely both would fail at the same time, short of battery issues. The three items listed above are suspect: batteries, programming or one has failed. Best regards.
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Lots of noise!!

Seems to me you have a grounding problem. try grounding it. take a length of wire, strip both ends, twist one end of it to the antennea and the other end to any metallic object thats stuck to the earth. see if it goes away. but remember to remove it when you switch off or during a electrical storm.
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I've got a gigaware USB Stereo Headset when ever I try to use the mic or test this mic I get this really loud buzzing noise it lasts for a long time and it won't pick up my voice eventually it stops a

The mic will have no problem.check if the connection are ok
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GMR1035-2 Cannot get the rx symbol and static noise to stop on the radio. Followed instructions from manual and still doesn't work. Is there a way to reset the radio or a different way to get it to go off of the rx mode???

Hi,The RX symbol and static noise would only appear if the squelch is down or if you are receiving something from a transmitter.Receiving something could mean either an intelligent radio transmission from another comparable unit or this could also be spillover signals from adjacent radio transmitters strong enough to override the squelch settings normally called "splatter". At times, electronic devices could cause this effect such as RFI (radio frequency interference) from units such as a personal computer.It is also possible that your Monitor Mode is "ON", turning it OFF would possibly resolve the issue To turn OFF monitor mode:Press the vol/mon UP or DOWN key. The RX icon will stop blinking and disappears.In some cases, a component failure would cause this problem. Your GMR1035-2 uses an Automatic Squelch Feature, this would mean the use of a FM Discriminator Chip for Squelch Control. Most manufacturers uses an MC3357P IC chip for this purpose. This of course would require opening the unit, desoldering the suspected component and solder in a replacement. This would further require that you be familiar with electronic components, circuitry, DVM and a low wattage soldering iron. Should you not be comfortable doing this, perhaps your best bet would be to seek the services of a qualified technician.Hope this be of some help/idea. Post back how things turned up or should you need additional information.Good luck and kind regards.
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Hooking up new antenna on jeep spare tire carrier, with a stud mount. drilled tire carrier, installed antenna, turn on radio and nothing. discovered post on stud mount can't touch tire carrier. I then re-drilled the hole a bit bigger and put a sleeve for the post to pass thru and used the plastic washer to keep it from touching. now, lots of noise, need to turn rf gain all the way down to get rid of it. is this normal? If I just turn the sqelch, it just stops the noise coming through, but the meter is still reading on 3 for receiving the noise.

CB radios are AM radios operating in the 27Mhz band and are prone to noise even in home installation (though admittedly not as much). A signal on the meter that causes the indicator to move up to as much as 1/4 of the scale is actually pretty good for a mobile installation with the engine running. There are ways to minimize the noise, but none will eliminate it. Here are suggestions - in no particular order:1) A well grounded antenna. Since you've got metal to metal contact with yours it shouldn't be a problem - the magnetic mounts are more prone to interference and noise that yours. 2) Locate the antenna on a large, flat, horizontal, metal surface. Mobile installs are always a compromise - but the more of these you can incorporate, the better the reception & transmission will be. There will still be noise - but when you receive better signals the "S/N" or "signal to noise ratio" increases - making the sound less noisy.3) Tune the antenna for lowest SWR (standing wave ratio). You'll need an SWR meter to do this. Be sure to get one that will tune HF antennas - or at least one that works in the 27Mhz band. This is another method of improving the S/N ratio mentioned above. An untuned antenna can cause a transmitter to fail - so this is a must for any transmitter's antenna.4) Obtain the power directly from the battery. Not the accessory terminal or battery terminal under the dash - but to the battery posts themselves. This is the cleanest (power-wise) source in the vehicle. 5) Install filter on the power lines feeding the radio. A rising and falling (with engine RPM) whine sound is usually alternator noise, and a popping sound is ignition noise. The whine sound can be helped by install a capacitor and the ignition noise by using an inductor or coil. So, if you have both noises, you'll need both filters.6) Install resistor spark plugs and wires. Years ago, we had to get these as an aftermarket item. I don't know if those supplied by auto manufacturers are resistor types or not - so it may be worthwhile to check it out.Some vehicles benefit greatly from one or more of these solutions, others - not so much. Some vehicles have noisy subsystems unrelated to ignition or alternator. Some tank mounted fuel pumps can be brutally loud and difficult to silence (check with radio on, and turn the key to run - the fuel pump usually runs for a few seconds - listen for static while the pump runs before starting). The vehicles that will probably have good luck are those that you see used as police, taxi and ambulance vehicles due to the radios and electronics in them. I hope this helps and good luck! Please rate my reply - thank you.
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Static noise rx

It is likely experiencing constant static because the walkie is in "monitor mode" constantly searching for weak signal transmissions. Press and hold the WX/MON button for two seconds to turn monitor mode off. This should fix your problem. It did for mine, which were having the same issue.
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