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Audio problelms during warm-up, it lets out with a horrible squack and the audio all but disappears. A short time later, it comes back to normal. Sometime it repeats this without a re-rstart.

Posted by Willis Bennett on Jun 10, 2007

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Audio problelms during warm-up, it lets out with a horrible squack and the audio all but disappears. A short time later, it comes back to normal. Sometime it repeats this without a re-rstart.

The R8500 have a power inverter style supply circuit. It use special capacitors. I remember a similar problepm with one of the "silver capacitors" in the inverter. - Phillip ZS6PVT
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Blank screen goes in and out

My 2096 was doing the same thing with a blank screen. IF, your scanner is scanning normally and the dim button still dims your display, your problem could be the same as mine was. This worked for me and got my display working like new again. First thing to do is to take the covers both top and bottom off to expose your scanners insides.Next, once you can see the inside of your scanner you will see a ribbon cable connected to the main board and also soldered to the display. Take the ribbon out of its coupling connector and gently clean the contacts on the ribbon with a cuetip with alcohol on it, also clean the solder joints on the display face that connect the ribbon to the display with the cuetip and alcohol. Ii then reassembled everything, ribbon back into its connector and made sure the clamping mechanisim on the ribbon was securely holding the ribbon. I pluged the power supply into it and turned it on before reassemblig the case covers to see if it would work. Bingo, it worked like new again. Hope it works for you ! Jim
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I would like to somehow w/out cost of any kind,to get scannercodes for my bearcat scanner that i bought sometime ago,i had them programmed at one time "got the codes from a neighbor and it was nice being able to know what was going on around town,but since i have been told that scanners codes have been changed and due to not hearing nothing come across my scanner anymore i'm enclined to believe that they have been ,'so if there is any way to get these codes it would be greatly appreciated,"My scanner has a scan button should i just let it scan till something comes over the scanner? would that work or not? I have No idea how these thing work and i bought it new from fingerhut and it came with no instructions what so ever,'not even on how to set alarm,which i can do just useing that for example Lol but still i thought it would come with some type if it hadn't been for my neighbor i wouldn't have gotten as far i did...But if i could get some directions of somekind too that would be nice...But thanks for your time and any help that you can offer.

Hi,my name is John. Welcome to FixYa. Get your frequency,s here To program your unit, press the PGM button, enter the channel you want to store it in from the key pad, then press PGM button, then enter the frequency you want including the decimal point, then press E button to enter. To program another frequency use the arrow up or down. When your are done, press SCAN and that's it....good luck and thanks for choosing FixYa....John
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I have a new in box BC780XLT scanner that I just purchased off of ebay. I may have discovered why it has never been used ! The volume is much to HIGH, and seems to have very little variation from all the way up to back down to the off posistion. I have tried hooking another speaker into the earphone jack, but the results were still the same. If I hook earphones into the jack and leave the earphones lying on the counter (not on ears) I can still hear the scanner at a much more desirable volume, without disturbing other members of the family in the house. I orrignally thought that it must be some computerized problem, that I could set with ease. Unfortunately I do not seem to find the solution to this problem. Thanks, for any assistance you may be able to provide me with to resolve this issue !Sincerely Richard

The BC780XLT is a 2000 model, so your "new" scanner is actually about 10 years old. Your lack of volume control indicates that the ON/OFF/VOLUME control "pot" is defective and needs to be replaced. It looks to be on the same shaft as the SQUELCH, so the Uniden part is likely a combination of the two controls. I suggest that you contact Uniden Customer Service (see link below) and inquire about parts availability and/or factory repair. Due to the age of the unit though, there's a good chance that the control is no longer available -- unless it's being used on a newer model as well. Your other option is to try to work out a return or file an eBay/PayPal claim. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. B.Listening in since the 60's
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When i delete and friquency with 000000 it still comes back, why?

Nees 0.0 in program mode
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I keep getting disruption in audio. at first i thought it was a squelch problem, but everytime i wiggled the mic the audio would come back. I bought a replacement mic, but still does it. Obviously its the female plug where the mic goes. does anyone know an easy fix to this without having to tear it apart and redo the inlet?

Hello, My Name Is John, Lets see if I can help you. First you will need a soldering iron, screw driver, solder. Unplug the radio, take the cover off, notice where the pins are at the mike connection, re-solder them and that should do it, but look at the joints on the circuit board, that they are not cracked , if so, re-solder them also ....hope this helps...
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NO audio signale

1st main unit IC21 ?PC1241H or TA7252AP depence main. 2nd C229, R278, C230 for clear audio 3nd bottom of main unit Q71 2A1736 PNP tran. replace with BD 140 and RESISTOR R491,R510,R484,R483.
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Will not stay on 11 meter turn it off comes back on 10&12 meter will not transmit am or ssb recieve ok. rci 2995dx.

Hello janetsue, If this radio has the blue or green screen LCD face then this is a default that is built into the radio. It depends on how the radio was "converted" when it was bought new. It will not key up on 10 or 12 because of the default. A little more info supplied would be real helpful,,,, Let me know, Mechanic
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I have a uniden bear cat scanner

That scanner dates back to 1987, so chances are that the battery pack is well beyond charging. I found a new battery pack here: it will set you back more than $90. Another option is to open/dismantle the battery back and use a battery insert. You can purchase one for $12.95 here: original battery is rated at 7.2VDC, but the charging circuit is set up for 12VDC at 500mA, so stay with your 12 volt charger. Bill B. Listening in since the 60's
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