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New Battery Where can i find a battery replacement for the watch/radio...

Posted by jos robl on Jun 05, 2007

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New Battery Where can i find a battery replacement for the watch/radio...

Check Ebay.....there were a few sellers that sold those and extra batteries. I own a set an I pai $25.00 for a pair on ebay actually might find a used set for really cheap on there that would have decent batteries in it. Unfortunatly I can't remember the voltage of those small batteries. If you can find a battery of the same voltage/type of rechangeable, that will fit into that small area/case, you can just wire it up to be used. Check Ebay.... they are really cheap on there.... contact one of the sellers to see if they stock them. You can also check the Xact website or get ahold of one of their reps for recommendations if your really stuck. Take care
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How can I get a new AC adapter that is compatible with the Xact X32X-2 Radio?

The only thing you can do is contact the company that makes this product. It might be cheaper to purchase a new pair of radios complete with chargers.
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Motorola mr350 I have several MR350r, after changing batteries to one, in a trip, it stop comunicating with the rest... Everything set identical... Code, QT, chanel, everything. I did a Monitor check, to see if the one that stop working find the rest, and it did find them, but on a differnt chanel... always one less channel. I mean... if I have the other 4 radios set to CH 3 Code 4, this one should be set in CH 2 Code 4, and works perfectly well. This happen with every channel, I mean, when the rest is CH X this one works perfectly well if set in CH X-1. Something happen with this one that has the chanel shifted one down... is there any way to reset the Radio? Obviously I already took out the batteries, I replace them, etc. but it is the same. It seems that the radio has something else, because it remember the ch and the code it was set, before I took out the batteries, so ... a hard reset is not done by taking the batteries out. Any advice?. thank you!

I started in electronics 33 years ago and my first job was in LMR;s (land mobile radios). I know they have changed a lot since then but the basic transmitting structure will always be the same. It sounds like something that I have never seen but one or two go bad but on these occasions the Crystal has changed frequency. This is your Local Oscillator and will cause your superheterodyne to run at a different frequency. It would be a constant frequency and explain the one channel. I know if the wrong crystal is put in one and is close enough to even run it can be several channels off. Check this out it is a little far fetched because as I said earlier these things seldom go bad but you never know. If it is a crystal then when you reset it it would reset to the same frequency that it has changed to. It is still working but just off frequency. Let me know how it turns out. Later-
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Channel scanning fucntion won't work on my new Oregon Scientific TP329 Two Way Radio. Keeps scanning without finding a valid signal. The radio works when I set the channel randomly but so far I can't find a channel which is reliable over over even 500 metres. Oregeon suggested I remove batteries and leave powered off for a few hours, but makes no difference. Please advise. Thanks. Sean.

Make sure there is a transmitter "on" somewhere along the way, otherwise it would not stop scanning. Try keeping the PTT pushed on the other set whilst you scan.
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Batteries not charging

Michael Are the batteries the original power pack? this charger are disigned for work just for this batery packs only. Check if the conctas on the battery lead for dust or corrotion.      
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My son has a firetruck powered by one of your 12 volt batteries and we have looked for a new one at Toys R Us and Walmart for a replacement and neither carry them. I just looked on your several websites that carry your products but none that have replacement batteries to purchase. Can you ship us one or tell me where I can find one? Thank You. Mrs. Dee Cote

Mr. Cote this website does not supply batteries or other equipment to my knowledge. I am guessing that the battery you have is a small 12v gel cell or lead acid battery. if this is the case please give me the battery number ansd I will do my best to locate a battery for you. Pat
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Battery replacement? I have the Midland G-227 walkie talkie set. We have had them off for the past 3 or 4 months. We had just purchased new batteries and a new charger for them as the same problem had occured previously. The problem being, we charged the batteries as directed in the owners manual. After being stored for a while we put them on the charger for about 24 hours and we are unable to turn them on. Both lights come on on the charger but niether one of them will turn on. What are we doing wrong?????? Please let me know as this has been quite an investment for us to use only a few times. When they worked they worked very well. I would love to beable to have them work again. Thanks so much for your time and hope to have a solution soon. Respectfuly, Kris

Kris, are you sure that the radio es working properly with other batteries, I mean if you use with 4 AAA batteries does the radio turn on? If the radio turn on, is your battery lasting as ussual? check if the battery contacts are ok, may be one of them could be damaged or rusted. I hope this can help Neto
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Maxon GMRS-21a I own a pair of Maxon GMRS-21a radios and need to find replacement batteries. Can anyone tell me where I could find these? Thanks.

I Just had Batteries Plus rebuild mine with 600mah cells $ 23 each.
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Mini Magnum Radio not transmitting after Final Replaced

Not knowing what kind of equipment you have, its hard to say, but .10 watt? Sounds like the buffer or driver also got involved. Usually you get 1/4-1/2 watt to the driver on a stock radio. I would also check the bias resistors like you suggested. Also check for burnt foil around the final you replaced. Good just be a slightly damaged circuit. Let me know if this helps. Tom
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