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Garmin Rino 130 Shut Down

I use my Garmin Rino 130 almost exclusivly on my bicycle using the bicycle handlebar mount made by Garmin. Recently the unit has been shutting down on bumpy surfaces. At first it took a considerable bump to shut it down but now almost any irregular surface causes a shut down. Sometimes after I turn it back on it locks up or gets a line across the screen. The only way to remedy that is to remove a battery and do a full reboot. What can I do?

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Garmin Rino 130. The battery cover does not close all the way as shown (you can easily put tape over it).

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Garmin Garmin Rino 110 Handheld GPS/GMRS/FRS ... the units to shut down. ... I've had two Garmin rino 120s and one Garmin 130 for years.

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Garmin Rino 130 Shut Down

I had the same problem; mine would shut off when bounced around too. I used a #0 phillips screwdriver (very small) to take out the 6 screws that hold the case together, Carefully separate the face and back because there are wires that can be broken if you pull them apart too fast. After you get the case apart, lift up the circuit board at the bottom and you will see a small blade pin that sticks out from the side where the batteries are and is supposed to slide up into a contact on the circuit board. I guess over time it starts to wiggle and get loose so I carefully bent the pin (very slightly so it would rub the inside of the contact. So far I have tested it by dropping and beating it up a little and it seems to have fixed the problem. Hope this helps.
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I've got a pair of Garmin Rino 110 that we use when outdoors. Recently, with full batteries and clear skies in the desert, not surrounded by trees, mountains, buildings, etc... both of the Rino 110s are reporting weak satellite signal and often losing the signals altogether. Often times it will not recover the signal for hours, even with new batteries and reboots. I emailed Garmin and was told basically that the Rinos **** and I'm out of luck. Email from Garmin is Below. My question is: Is there a known issue with the Rino GPS receiver/antenna that can be fixed in order to prevent the weak/lost signal? Perhaps a bad connection type within the unit that can be repaired, much like the battery contact issue that is often reported on the Rinos? Or, does anyone know if it's possible to solder a new, more sensitive internal or external GPS antenna onto the RINO board? ************************ Email response from Garmin: Thank you for contacting Garmin International. It is my pleasure to assist you. I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble with the devices losing satellite signal. Your devices do not have high sensitivity receivers. For best results, you will want to make sure the firmware is up to date. The current version is 3.90. As noted in your message, your devices are up to date. I apologize for any inconvenience. If you need any further assistance, please feel free to contact us. With Best Regards, Terry M Product Support Specialist Outdoor/Fitness Team Garmin International

That RINO should have no issues picking up satellite signals in the conditions you were in. If you were inside a building I may buy it but not in an open desert. Sounds like they are feeding you a line to me. I might try to get my money back on that one. One thing is for sure, you were in about the best conditions for using that unit. If it failed you then, it will more than likely fail you when your life may rely on it. It would seem that a different GPS/GMRS unit will be necessary to give you that security. Regards, Tony
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Rino 110 will not aquire satilite signals. - Garmin Rino 110 (14 Channels) 2-Way Radio

To have a signal you have to go out in an apartment may not work
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Garmin Rino 130 no Power

There first 2 main thing to check..... the off on switch.... and the fuse. Insie the radio there is a very small fuse.... its a surface mount component fuse... very small. That could be the problem. Also check the contacts on the radio..... if you have a way of connecting the correct voltage directly to the radios power terminals using jumpers I would definatly do it. Your most likly going to have to take the raio apart and and connect the battery to trace the power through it. The small fuse will be one of the first components after the positive power input. If this seems too much..... bring it to a radio shop... they can do all this quickly
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Heats up drains battery fast - Garmin Rino 110 (14 Channels) 2-Way Radio

Heats up?do you mean the unit itself heats up fast?if that unit has a short circuit inside on it thats why your battery drains so fast...,but if its not,the problem is on your battery.Not even a battery can charge is meaning that your battery is still good.If a battery has defect or let me say it is already weak,it will not already stored a longer life of a power.,becoz if that so,the current or well known as the ampere is already goes down than the given specification when it is new..and thats the reason why it is already fast draining.
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Garmin Rino 110 Posted by nightjar on Jun 29, 2008 My two 110's have same problem. With two new sets of different brand NiMh rechargeables the problem still exists. Both units get warm and flatten the batteries within 3 hours with them turned off. Both units operate as they are designed too,when turned on however the circuits overheat. Regards, Peter (Nightjar) Posted by ismaelj on Feb 09, 2009 Hi I have 2 of these Rino with exact same problem. Can anyone say if they have had them fixed and if so what was the problem. I am in Australia and they are not sold or repaired here. I have looked at them but because both are the same and the SMD markings on the IC's seem to be unavailable I have no way of checking for the fault. Any help would be appreciated as the units are unusable at the moment. Please email me at [email protected] if you have a solution or a circuit diagram:) Regards Ismael

Re : " Both units Garmin Rino 110, overheat and flatten the batteries within 2 hours" That is a factory defect related to a bad contact inside the unit.If you contact garmin and insist to talk to a supervisor (second line) you can have both Rinos replaced.Ensure it is not a bad batteries problem first testing a replacement battery, both batteries may have deteriorated at same time.Buy first a replacement battery at Garmin eTrek, Rino 110/120 NiMH Battery, If that does not solve the problem call Garmin:See: Garmin | Contact Us
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About motorola t5720

Hello, Thanks for requst me, As far as I understood, you have same settings in both radios, you mentined QT this is the 3° requirment to recive a signal, 1° channel, 2° subchannel (ctcss, pl, etc) and the 3° QT. if you are using QT you must to send a Call from the other radio, I recomed to set the QT to Off in both radios and tray if you can communicate in both directions. if does not receive, there is the possibility that one of your radios the Sub channel decoder is not working. If you could test your radios with a Third radio to know wich radio is not working right. Good luck
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