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Motorola t5000 If the eliminator code is set to 0 both radios receive the transmission. Once we set the radios to any eliminator code only one receives transmissions - have double checked that both are on same channel and same eliminator code, etc.. have tried various combinations of codes and channels Thanks

Posted by mark celedonia on Jun 06, 2007

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Reconditioned radios have the same warranty and supplied ... 10 Priority Channels- You can assign one priority channel ... He mentions the set receives both the
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CIE's "same day" grading cycle. When we receive your lesson ... I have only recorded a large orchestra once, ... AVERAGE BOTH CHANNELS '0 SO 0 50
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Motorola t5000 If the eliminator code is set to 0 both radios receive the transmission. Once we set the radios to any eliminator code only one receives transmissions - have double checked that both are on same channel and same eliminator code, etc.. have tried various combinations of codes and channels Thanks

If you have already checked both radios have the same code and channel both radios must reicive and transmit between each other check if you have any QT in any display this is a third condition to reicive.
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Pair of radios won't talk to each other

Have you checked the QT filter? The T5950 have an addtional interference filter called the QT filter. It filters out other radios and allows Motorola radios to speak only to other Motorola radios with the filter. Check the QT setting on both radios by pushing the menu button 6 times, the QT setting will show. If it shows a straight line on the display the filter is not on. Now push the + button (beside the menu button), to turn the QT filter on (a Y will show on the screen when on) or the - button to turn it off (the line will show when filter is off). The radios have to match all channels and all filters to talk to each other.
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We have 4 T8500 - only one can talk, the other 3 only recieve.

Can you tell if the radio is actually transmitting? Is there any sound on the transmitting radio or a light inditcating that it is indeed transmitting? If not maybe the PTT button is malfunctioning. Try to use a microphone plugged into the accessory jack and see if it works. Another option is if you have a radio scanner, search the frequency range while transmitting and see if you pick up that open carrier.
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Motorola mr350 I have several MR350r, after changing batteries to one, in a trip, it stop comunicating with the rest... Everything set identical... Code, QT, chanel, everything. I did a Monitor check, to see if the one that stop working find the rest, and it did find them, but on a differnt chanel... always one less channel. I mean... if I have the other 4 radios set to CH 3 Code 4, this one should be set in CH 2 Code 4, and works perfectly well. This happen with every channel, I mean, when the rest is CH X this one works perfectly well if set in CH X-1. Something happen with this one that has the chanel shifted one down... is there any way to reset the Radio? Obviously I already took out the batteries, I replace them, etc. but it is the same. It seems that the radio has something else, because it remember the ch and the code it was set, before I took out the batteries, so ... a hard reset is not done by taking the batteries out. Any advice?. thank you!

I started in electronics 33 years ago and my first job was in LMR;s (land mobile radios). I know they have changed a lot since then but the basic transmitting structure will always be the same. It sounds like something that I have never seen but one or two go bad but on these occasions the Crystal has changed frequency. This is your Local Oscillator and will cause your superheterodyne to run at a different frequency. It would be a constant frequency and explain the one channel. I know if the wrong crystal is put in one and is close enough to even run it can be several channels off. Check this out it is a little far fetched because as I said earlier these things seldom go bad but you never know. If it is a crystal then when you reset it it would reset to the same frequency that it has changed to. It is still working but just off frequency. Let me know how it turns out. Later-
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How to set interference eliminator code on motorola two way radio

The FV300 does not have the interference eliminator code feature. (Sorry)
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Problems setting the Interference eliminator code for a Motorola MR350 Talkabout

Holding in the MENU a long press will turn the LOCK on or off. You will need the menu unlocked for the following...However, if you press the MENU button repeatedly, not holding it in a long press, you will walk through all the menu items, and there you will see when the CODE number begin to flash. You will also see setting for other features as you walk though the menu. Refer to your manual for these settings. regards.
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Motorola Talkabout FV700 not transmitting nor receiving

Had the same problem...took out nimh...replaced with triple great!!Thank you!!
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Two motorola t8550's unable to communicate

1) You did not mention the Qt filter. You might check to see if you have the Qt filter set the same on both radios. This is an additional layer of privacy featured on this radio. 2) Verify you have good working batteries. A bad battery or uncharged battery can cause a no transmit situation. 3) If these do not work, reset your radio back to a basic operation by shutting of the code, Qt filter, call tone, weather alert, Vox/iVox, roger beep, etc. At this point your radio would be operating just on a simple frequency. See if you can communicate with all these special features turned off. If so, slowly add back in the features you desire. 4) If your radios still fails to work and is less than one year old, call the 800 number on the pamphlet, have your serial numbers and radios handy. Your radio if not physically or water damaged is possibly still under warranty. Most of the time when a set of radios has your problem description, it is the Qt filter, or possible improper use of a special feature such as call tones or iVox. These would be the first things to check. Best regards. Here is a link to the user guide:
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Get Motorola CLS 1110 to work with my Baofeng UV5r

Dear sir, pls diable Interference eliminator code on baofeng,, & try the same
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Motorola Talkabout t5000 sold at Costco (several years ago) with a mini T4500. An insert was included so the mini could talk to the others. It says to hold the menu button down and then select 0 for the interference eliminator code. Problem is, I can't get to 0. Are the channels and the interference code the same thing? If different, I can't get to the interference code by doing what they say (and trying different variations therein). thanks

Your frequency and your code are two separate settings. When you walk your way through the menu the frequency choice will come before the code choices. Frequencies will count from 1-14 or 1-22. Codes (aka interference eliminator) will have may more choices and one of them will be Zero. It appears from looking at the T4500 manual that it does not offer "code". So on this one the code is already "zero" (off). On your T5000 you should be able to navigate to the CODE using the menu button, then use your plus or minus button to get you to "zero", then press the PTT button to save your choice. Best regards. Our first thought when reading your dilemma is to check the Menu Lock. Holding the Menu button in for 3 seconds will lock/unlock your buttons. You should have an icon depicting a lock displayed on the screen.
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