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Powering off issue

I'm having an issue with the power button. I bought two walkie talkie's. One, all I have to do is hold the power button and a sec or two later, I hear a beep and then the unit goes off as it is suppose to. The other unit, hold down the power button and nothing happens but the channel fades a little. Any suggestions? All help is appreciated.

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I have the midland gxt 1000/1050 series X-Talk two-way radio. I am having issues with transmitting. When I engage the PTT on one of the unit, the other units displays that it is receiving but no voice is coming through. I installed new alkaline batteries so I don't think it is a power issue.Has anyone experience this and have a solution?

The CTCSS (receive code) is not set to match the transmitting radio. They must both have the same code set in order for you to hear each other.
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Powering off issue

Are you sure the battery is charged, tray to swap the batteries, and check if there is any rust or dirt on the battery contact on the radio and the batteries too. Please let me know if this help Ernesto
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CB Base Station picking up electrical interference

I dont know what AC DC adator your using. you should look into a 12V power supply. or plugging that into a RF canceling power strip, like a monster power strip. TV's that are on or other appliances may cause high noise levels on the CB, make sure your coax is good, your antennas good, and all jumpers are good. its hard to tell with out looking at it, but do a quick once over of the system.... you are using a base antenna right? if not you need to create radials for a mobile you plan on using for a base. Make sure the connectors on the coax are all on right, this causes problems a lot of the time. sometimes even brand new coax have bad connectors installed.
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On many of my Midland G-30 / G-28 radios, when you turn them on, the display shows full power. When you press the PPT button, the unit shuts down and the display show OFF. I've tried many battery/radio combinations and I believe the issue is with the radios themselves. Thank you

I had the same problem with my Midland G-30 radios. The problem is with the batteries not the radio. I put a test meter on my batteries and saw the were not making full voltage/amperage. Got two new batteries ($15 each on ebay) and problem was solved. These are great GMRS portables. Replace the batteries and you will be very happy with the unit.Good luck!
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Unit shuts off when using VOX or PTT

Transmit takes more power than receive, so you are correct in looking to the battery as the possible issue. Even being new a battery will sometimes be too low to take an initial charge. You might try putting the radio on the charger for 2-3 more charge cycles. Sometimes new batteries need this "jump start". Be certain the radio is turned off while on the charger. Inbetween charge cycles turn the radio on and let it set on standby until the battery is nearly run down. Also, clean your battery contacts with a pencil eraser for better connection. It is possible the contacts have some residue from the manufacturing processes which could block good connection. You reference you had just gotten this radio. If new, you might consider returning it or calling the manufacturer if you are still having problems. If it is not a new radio, you should consider replacing the battery with a new one. As for testing the battery, this can be done with a battery analyzer. Check with a local radio dealer to see if they would run a test on it with their analyzer. This would test the battery when put under a load vs. just testing the voltage, which is what your battery indicator is showing you on the radio. Best regards.
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Package, manuel and receipt were accidentally thrown away and we don't know how to charge the radios. They work, but are running low on battery power! They have a power supply cord that you plug both radios into. We have plugged them in overnight with the power off and with the radio power on, and they didn't charge either way! Not sure what to do. They are Cobra Microtalk two way radios. Thank you for your time and help! Angie

From what I just read on the Cobra website, you may be misinterpreting the battery indicator lights:My radio keeps showing low batteriesThis may simply be a matter of misinterpreting the low-battery indicator. We use two different types of battery indicators: Battery Level Indicator: This battery indicator is always visible, and has several segments. When all the segments are lit, the batteries are full. When only the last segment is lit, the batteries are almost exhausted. Low Battery Indicator: This type is usually NOT visible. It only appears when the batteries are low, at which time it flashes on the display to warn you of a low battery condition. Please note that when you turn on your radio it first performs a display test. Everything on the display will light up for a few seconds, including the Low Battery Indicator. This does not mean that the batteries are low. After a few seconds the display test will end, at which time the Low Battery Indicator should go away. Here is a link to the Manual for your radio: is a PDF file, which requires that you have Adobe Reader or equivalent installed on your computer for it to open and display properly. If you don't have it, it can be found here (it's free!): luck!
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Issue with volume on Motorola MT352 2-way radio. Sound is very low / quiet even at max volume. Issue with only 1 radio out of set of 3. This is true even with a headset. How do I reset?

It is an audio issue if you are using the correct headset. It is not "resetable" If under warranty, get a new radio. If not, you will need to take the radio apart, resolder the audio jack and also the speaker (hey, it is apart) and retry. We have a 10% success rate with this repair and a -0-% with anything else. Sometimes the automatic manufacturing machines do not perform a proper soldering. There are NO PARTS available. It is a "throw away" radio.
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FRS-14ND 2 way radio

Hello you can recharge the batteries only if the bateries you are using are rechargables, this could be Bat recharg. 2AA or 3AA or a pack.
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Stocl mike and behavior linked to temperature

Take the back off,turn it over with green side up and inspect the solder joints very closely with magnifying glass, re-solder joints,...sounds like a cold solder joint, when it heats up it expands and makes no contact...hope this helps...
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Kenwood TK 3101 two way radio problem

Most devices that can be operated from external supplies have a diode across the the power jack that will short the source if the polarity is reversed. Since this is a pretty small part without much chance of surviving the current available from a cigarette lighter socket, the only hope you have is that the fuse almost always found in these 'adaptors' will blow before the diode fails. If the radios will not operate from batteries, I'm afraid they are badly damaged. It son't hurt much now if you open the case and check near the power jack for burned parts. The diode(s) probably aren't there at all any more since they are commonly capable of no more than an amp or two and the typical fuse in those car adaptors is 5-10 amps, enough current to cause the diode to explode before the fuse blows. I don't know where you reside, but in the US there are many sources for low-cost digital multimeters (<$20 US) that would have prevented your problem simply by checking the polarity of the jack before plugging it in. I don't think the lighter was at fault; I believe the adaptor was wired for a particular item, just not for your radios. It's always chancy to use a power source only because the plugs match. Most devices have a small symbol molded into the plastic near the power jack showing which polarity input is correct.
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