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No sound- audio IC amp ok, squelch circuit or squematic needed- thank you

No sound, broken squelch pot, circuit needed. [email protected]

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No sound- audio IC amp ok, squelch circuit or squematic needed- thank you

Well my friend I have same problem with some radio. Maybe you should try just to connect detector to audio amplifier and than make an squelch circuit in AF?
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Hello Model radio Galaxy DX959 Purchase date July 2008 My issue is in SSB mode only everything ells is working fine. The damage occurred wail following the transmitter alignment instructions from the manufacture step 5 for the BIAS Current. BIAS Current: Set radio to CH 20 USB TX mode. MOD off. Connect current meter to TP7(+) and TP9(-) VR12 50 mA Connect current meter to TP7(+) and TP8(-) VR10 100 mA As you can see the first step is to connect a AMP meter to TP 7 and TP 9... Well do to the orientation of the radio I accordantly mistaken TP9 for TP6. Now I have absolutely no audio out of the speaker in SSB mode, the S meter needle still moves when others are keying but even with the volume turned all the way up still nothing comes through the speaker. Any suggestions or help you can give is greatly appreciated. Thank you

Re-align the radio connecting the meter to the correct test points. If you re align the radio properly it should solve the problem.
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I need to know what each knob and switch on front of radio should be set at. i know about the squelch setting and mic gain (at least i think I do) but not sure about all the other settings for your standard set up for this radio thanks laydgator

To use this radio on the CB band, you set the 10 Khz switch to OFF, and then turn the band switch to A/E.Here is a Frequency Chart.When the 10 Khz switch is on OFF, the band switch is E,F,G,H. When the 10 Khz switch is in the ON position, then the band switch is A,B,C,D.So when you are on band E, which is when the 10 Khz is OFF, and the band switch is in the first position, it is on the E band.I would get your self a Frequency counter. It makes using a radio like that much easier.Hope this helps!
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Can't Change Channels

You can try and ring 01388 778368 ask for steve and he may be able to help.
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I need a schematic for the Cobra 18 wx st. I see them for the st 2 but not the plain version. I have no receive on CB position. I have resoldered all the vertical connections and tried a different mic. I am not getting any collector voltage on the RF amp.(KTC 3104) Q700. maybe something in the switiching from wx to cb as the wx works. Looks like they use different front end for each....Thanks, Lynn

Start unsoldering you final , check it for proper voltage. then do the same for the driver. Check the voltage regulator. make sure you have the proper out put voltage in the vco section before doing anything. Also make sure you are on more then likely have a short somewhere in the receive section and you are just going to have to break it down area by area , transistor to ICs .Its going to be painstaking but you will find it.
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Ii bought a galaxy dx 959 new abought two and a half years ago. i ran it for about 3 months when it started having speaker issues. i would turn it on and run it for a while and i would loose speaker output. needle swinging good in receive and transmit, radio operation was 5x5 so i turned it off. next morning i forgot all about it turned it on and same condition occured, so im thinkig speaker problem, and dont turn on anymore. well three weeks later i get a different job! so i remove radio from service truck and forget all about it. now to years later to the week i hooked it up and now it has no audio at all, so i hookup a external speaker and its a wisper,so now i try talkback and speaker is fine so next i connect it to my car stereo and ofcourse you can hear it but have to crank it up. anntena tuned at about 1.3! so i start messing with it and find the squelch control does nothing, then i notice the frequency for 19am is off by .004 turned rectifier from max to min once all the way to the left its 27.185 with no more counterclockwise adjustment available. any ideas? no speaker audio, no changes from squelch and off frequency

.004 off freq is not the worst for an AM radio. At this point, if you got it to tune to 28.185 that is the freq for channel 19 leave that. I might suggest you try a new potentiometer knob for your volume/squelch. They do go bad and can make it so you can't hear. There is a resistor in them and they go bad from time to time. Good luck.
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Hi. I have a kenwood TR-7625 2m FM mobile. The radio stays unsquelched despite any position of the squelch pot. Looks like a noise amplified and rectified squelch control voltage that raises the 1st audio preamp stage emitter to cutoff which squelches the radio. The voltage just doesn't quite reach the 0.6 v to turn on the switching transistor. Using your finger and touching the base of the transistor creates enough "noise" to amplify and rectify to create a high enough voltage to make the stage squelch. But it won't open the squelch when you inject a test signal. What am I overlooking ? Thanks.

You will need to ajust the variable resistor its at the rear next the ptt switch
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Cobra 148gtldx low vol squelch on fm

Hi Mate, the problem you are having in not uncommon in the COBERA 148 GTL. I suspect that the problem lies in low value uF electro caps drying out (electrolite) causing power down and frequency drift. The capacitors are in two forms..tiny blue tantalum, and standard radial base caps that are grey aluminium cans with a black stripe,it would be a job for a skilled person in electronics to replace all of them. The square metal cans with a screw ferrite slug are what you use to tune the radio, and as there are lot of them ,and you don't have a circuit diagram ,it would be pot luck finding the right one/s. What you realy need to know is all electronic devices age and hence, no longer do their job. it would cost more than the set is worth to rebuild it,but if you have the skills ,it can be done. am cb with usb / lsb are a thing of the past now and you would be better off buying a used set that is still in top working order. The uhf sets are useless as was the am sets depending on what you want the sets to do, in convoy.... remote country....useless. Having said that the am/usb/lsb sets are the best of the three because on ssb they tx on about 12 watts rms so you have a better chance of making contact, but don't count on it as hf cb is no longer in common use. GOOD LUCK [email protected]
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External jack dx 959 given to me has problems. The external speaker jack has been removed, possibly shorted out. The radio RX is off two channels...17 is now 19. will receive audio but will not transmit. No response when checking SWR and no power output when keyed. when the built in meter is set to Mod. does indicate modulation when keyed. What do you think ? If the audio is shorted to the back panel, will this cause these problems? Thanks for the input. Jon

Sounds like you got a good radio to practice on . If it was given to you then you have nothing to loose except what ever you put into it. try hooking the speaker jack back up, see what it does??
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Pa I bought a 25watt PA speaker from radio shack. I wired it up to my cb with a 3.5mm mono audio cable. I've tried wiring it every way but when I want to use the PA it doesn't work however my radio works fine with the exception of the PA. My cb radio produces 4 watts. Supposedly based on customer reviews with this speaker i shouldn't need an amp. Should I get an amp or a new radio?

Per fcc rules (laws)? you cannot put an amp on a cb. max output 4 amps. you should be able to put a pa speaker using the pa output jack. take your radio back for warranty.
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