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BC297D discharges too quickly

Q1 My BC296D will only run for 10 minutes after being charged iu.e. befor the low battery sign comes on and the 15 sec beeps start. I have changed the battery but this has made no difference. It runs fine on the plugpack. Q2 Is there any way to monitor the battery charge?

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BC297D discharges too quickly

If you have a volt meter you can check the battery voltage, and also the voltage of the charger. If the batteries are nicads expect 1.2 volts per cell if they are the AA or AAA size, 1.5 volts for the nickel metal hydride cells. the voltage of the charger should be equal to the total voltage of the batteries it is chargeing.
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I have a UBC72XLT scanner which I sometimes use with a external roof mounted antenna. Recently while connecting this antenna to the scanner there was a static discharge. The performance is now way down so obviously some damage was caused. Question: Is there anywhere I can send the scanner to be checked out & possibly repaired ?

You can contact the Uniden customer service department via email by following this link: the cost of repair will likely exceed the value of your scanner. I routinely see used and refurbished BC72XLT scanners for sale on eBay in the $50 range.Bill B.Listening in since the 60's
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Software I bought a little device from Radio Shack, an adapter of some sort to connect the scanner to my computer and quick,easily, and efficiently get codes on my scanner,and organized BUT when I purchased the deal I didnt realize the software WAS NOT included. I read reviews about the adapter I bought and they were all pretty good, except for the same obstacle I ran into. Where/what software is compatible with my BC92XLT?

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How do I do a hard reset on my bc296? - Uniden BC296D Handheld Scanner

I have accidently hit the wrong button on my scanner; how do i get back the bank with the fire channels which is bank 1?
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The first thing i would check is if the "Priority" function is on. If "Priority is on it will skip everytime it takes a look at the priority frequncy. Here are the instructions for turning on and off the priority feature. To turn on the priority feature, press Func + Pri during scanning. PRI appears. Then the scanner checks the designated priority channel every 2 seconds in each bank. To turn off the priority feature, press Func + Pri. PRI disappears. elijam1
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Originally would only receive transmissions properly for around 30 minutes, after which it would fail to pick up further radio chatter. A problem that runs alongside the one I have just listed is the unit will normally scoll through the different frequencies extremely quickly, but once it stops failing to pick up on anything it'll scroll through the different frequencies at a snail's pace and takes ages. I've already tried changing the batteries but this made no difference. Any idea what I can do about this to resolve the issue?

Hi the signal problem may be cause be a bad antenna and you need to tell what kind of radio device is it? so i can get the solution for you.
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BCT996T Scaanner Problem with quick keys.. Have 3 systems programmed 1 with a quick key assigned.. Other 2 have no quick keys assigned. When I select the quick key for the system i want the scanner scans the other 2 systems with no quick keys.. and locks out the one I want it to scan ...Im sure I am doing something wrong.. Help!! Skip

Uniden's quick key for system toggles the associated system (or systems, as more than one system can be assigned the same quick key) in and out of the scan. The systems which have no quick key associated with them will remain in the scan unless you go into the menu and set each of those systems to be disabled from within the menu. To your description above I would add that if you pressed the quick again, for the system you want, that system would be included back into the scan - each press will alternately exclude it and include it. So - if you want to be able to exclude the other two systems from the scan by using quick key then set both of those to share a quick key, that key will then toggle those two systems out of the scan leaving enabled the system that you want to scan. For example - three systems... air , fire , road. Say you wanted to be able to exclude air and road from the scan when you heard some fire action going on... set air system and road system to have same quick key (say '1') and fire system to have no quick key or a different quick key (say '0'). Now '1' will toggle air and road out of and into the scan on each successive press. So now when all three systems are getting scanned and you you want to shut out air and road, press '1' once... and they're excluded. press '1' again and they're included again (that's why i say quick keys 'toggle' the scan inclusion/exclusion). If you see a message 'Nothing to Scan' ( or somesuch ) it means that you have excluded all systems from the scan - so just re-include one or more systems and the message will clear and you'll be back to scanning stuff. I hope this makes sense the way i've described it. I have a Uniden BCT15 myself. My suggestion is based on the way that the BCT15 works.. from memory and without the manual and rig to hand at this time. Hope this helps anyway. Cheers, BB (aka Tequila Sunrise)
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Radio Shack Pro-95 handheld scanner issues

When the scanner is supposed to be scanning, you can push the number buttons to turn on and off the numbered banks.You can view the locked out frequencies by pushing [func] [l/out]. Pushing clear while looking at a locked out frequency should unlock it.
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Uniden BC92XLT I have this scanner and want to be able to listen to my son at work. I have the frequencies as listed on but no radio traffic has come across. Will this model scanner accept these freq. along with other surounding towns freq. ST. Landry Parish, LA-866.47500, 867.66259, 868.30000,868.77500. City of Opelousas..851.16250 (input. 806.16250), 866.51250 and 868.01250. Is this scanner not capable?? Please advise. If it is not what would be a good handheld scanner that would allow them. Maybe I am missing a step when programming it. (I cant put the last 2 numbers of each.) Please,Please, Please help. Julianna Platt 409-886-6414

There appears to be two issues. First is that the St. Landry Parish is on a "Trunked" Radio system. The Scanner you have does not work on Trunked radio systems. You can program each of those frequencies in and see if you hear any traffic but you will only hear parts of the communication. This makes it very difficult to follow.Secondly, there are some conventional frequencies listed for Opelusa but I am afraid that it looks like they may be using the trunked system now. I would suggest you look into getting the next tier up in scanners which is a "Trunk tracker" These run about 200 - 300 Dollars. (I would suggest the BC246T or BC330T) Beyond that is a tier of scanner that also track digital system these run between 400 - 500 Dollars.(I would suggest the BCD396T) I own this one and am very happy with it. Here is a link to a great online retailer for scanners. they will be very helpful and also offer programming which might be very helpful to you. hope this helps,elijam1
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