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Communication problem with my brend new T5720.

Hi, My motorola talkabout radios are not working properly. one works fine, but the other seems to receive interference almost like a sound return (not sure how to call that in english, feed back may be) . It just sounds real faint...very very faint. other than that, it looks OK. Any Idea? I cannot return it (ebay) Thanks, Claude

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Communication problem with my brend new T5720.

I have seen some problems with new out of box radios, one of them is out of frequency and recieve with noise and works with low range coverage. I can not clarify what you mean with feed back, check if you set in low volume if the radio works fine. That will tell you that the speaker or the Synth circuitry has a problem. Neto.
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Comms problem between motorola t5522 and t5720

Are you sure both radios has the same Squelch Code and QT?
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About motorola t5720

Hello, Thanks for requst me, As far as I understood, you have same settings in both radios, you mentined QT this is the 3° requirment to recive a signal, 1° channel, 2° subchannel (ctcss, pl, etc) and the 3° QT. if you are using QT you must to send a Call from the other radio, I recomed to set the QT to Off in both radios and tray if you can communicate in both directions. if does not receive, there is the possibility that one of your radios the Sub channel decoder is not working. If you could test your radios with a Third radio to know wich radio is not working right. Good luck
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Greetings, I have 4 Motorola Talkabout T5720s bought all the same time about 1.5 years ago. 1 failed after a year - I say failed (did not transmit or receive nothing even though it was on the same channel/Interference code). Another has just failed same problem - 18 months old. They don't go outside, they are always inside, and don't move from their location - only movement is to talk or to change the batteries when they get low. I have tried all suggestions here and settings - nothing appears to work. I can't believe that they just stop working after a year of operation - and would appreciate an idea of what to do next short of buying new ones. Thanks

You did not mention if the display comes on and they look functional, yet do not work. If the radio actually powers up. We will go from the idea the radio powers up and present a few troubleshooting ideas: 1) Clean your battery contacts. Use a pencil eraser and clean the contacts both in the radio and on the battery. If you are using a Motorola rechargeable battery pack, you should also clean the battery contacts on the charger. (Note: rechargeable NiMH and Li-Ion batteries have a 14-18 month life expectancy. Signs of a bad battery include: no or intermittent transmit, the radio shutting off when the PTT is depressed, lots of static when receiving, and/or erratic display.) 2) Set your interference code eliminator (code) back to zero (off), and do the same with your Qt filter if you radio is equipped with one. This will put you back to a very basic operation. 3) Check your VOX or iVOX settings, be certain these are also turned off. 4) Check your accessory jack to see if something is plugged into the hole. Remove any and all accessories to try in a basic form of operation. 5) Moisture is the enemy. Be certain radios are not stored near air conditioners, humidifiers, etc. If the above items do not solve the problem, you likely will need to retire the units. As for your next venture. If you go with the Motorola TalkAbout line, examine your radios before the one year mark, save the receipt, most have a one year warranty. If you are wanting an all around better radio, look at the Commerical line of radios offered by Motorola, ie. CP110 and BPR40. They would offer a better durability and are designed to do a 40 hour work week. Best regards.
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Will not turn on. Other 1 works fine. New batteries. Radio like new, little use.

Ted, I have pondered your dilemma. When you say the radio is "dead as a door nail", are you saying it will not power on at all? If so, the problem has to be with the battery or battery connection. This radio is not a repairable radio, and there would be nothing about the circuitry inside which would be user repairable. I do think your solution might be much easier. If you are using a rechargeable model T5725, you can try a simple test to check the charge capability of the radio. Plug in the charger to the charge port and turn the radio on. If the radio does NOT power up, then you have a battery contact problem. If the radio does power up when using the charger, but not without it, then you have a battery problem. IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT transmit or push the PTT while the unit is plugged into the charger. This can cause serious damage. We are only recommending this as a test of the power system. Other thoughts concerning power would be check your battery to see it is in the correct direction. Check the contacts to see if they are clean. If not, use a pencil eraser to clean them. If this does not help, post again with more information.
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Does the Motorola Talkabout T5720 communicate with a other Two-way Radio that is not Motorola or is a different model? And does this Two-way Radio have the scan option? Thanks

Yes, it does scan. but motorola 2 ways may have a different freq. than the other 2 way radio you have. search through both radios and find the channels that match.
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How to get a Talkabout T5720 to communicate with a

Actually a P100 is a 4/1 watt radio in UHF. It has a high low switch on the top. So, you could add GMRS frequencies to a P100. Also called an HT50. P100 radios are so big compared to the smaller radios of today, I use a couple as pseudo base stations.
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I have a new T5728 talkabout. My friends have T5720. When I bought my T5728, I thought that it would connect to any motorola talkabouts, assuming that we are on the same channel.. However, I was surprised that my T5728 can't connect with my friends' T5720. How can you help us? There might be some things that I need to set. Let me know ASAP pls. Thanks and God bless!

Unfortunately the T5728 is not compatible with the US FRS (family radio service) frequencies. The T5728 operates between 409-410MHz. The FRS radios operate between 460-470 MHz. FRS frequencies are license-free frequencies for use in the US, as regulated by the FCC. Other countries have differing rules and thus their frequencies assigned to family usage differ. Best regards, and sorry we could not help.
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Motorola talkabout 200

Here is a link to the TA280 manual, which is similar to the TA200, Funny thing, I haven't found the TA200 manual in English. Here it is in Czech: If you do a google search, you can find the page and have it translated. I'll keep looking, and if I find it in English, I'll repost.
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My problem is i dont know how to work it?! - Motorola Talkabout T5720 (7 Channels) 2-Way Radio

Here is a link to the user guide First, we suggest checking to see the radios are on the same frequency, interference eliminator code and the Qt filter is set to off or zero. Once you have determined the radios are set alike, you should be able to use the radios by pressing the push-to-talk button when you want to talk, and releasing it when you want to listen to the other radio(s) talking back to you.
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