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Don't communicate have a pair of T6550R radios...have set them to same channel and interference codes....just can't get them to receive/communicate with each other....are they faulty or is there something I'm not doing?

Posted by Mike Smithy on Dec 02, 2006

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FAQs | Midland Radio

Specific Area Message Encoding (S.A.M.E.) can be programmed ... Each radio must be set to the same channel and CTCSS code for the radios to communicate with each other.
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Don't communicate have a pair of T6550R radios...have set them to same channel and interference codes....just can't get them to receive/communicate with each other....are they faulty or is there something I'm not doing?

Thank you very much for the tip. It was help ful
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Hello everyone i have a pair of pmr 845 two way radios i was using them fine the other day but must have pushed something on one of them as only one seems to be working now the faulty one has the channel indicator, battery level and ctcss indicator on the screen but also has the transmit/recieve indicator symbol as well permanantly shown but only the radio picture without the sound waves coming off it if that makes sense, it also has a permanant humming coming from the speaker any ideas cheers gary

I have the same problem too :( phone indicator is displayed always
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Midland GXT 950 two way. TX problem

I am sure the OP isn't likely monitoring this, but just in case anyone else needs it... It's a power problem. Try charging the batteries, even though they look like they're fully charged -- or replace with [email protected] batteries.This only seems to happen on the GMRS channels -- not the FRS ones. The radios come default to transmit at high power (the full 5 watts) on the GMRS channels, but only 0.5 watts on FRS. If you go to settings and change the power on that particular channel you're trying to medium or low, you'd likely find it works with the charge you had problems with.Recharging or changing to [email protected] batts should get you back up to continuous TX on those high-powered channels.
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Gp 300 I have 2 gp300 i can transmit on one but only receive on the other is this something simple or a faulty unit

Read the radio on a computer and check the accessories socket
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Radio stuck in RX mode.

Your PTT button is possibly at fault. It may be partially depressed, leaving your receiver open. Behind your PTT button there is an internal PTT button on the componet board. It may be stuck or defective.
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Midland 5001 40 channel cb radio all is fine with the radio except I question one thing there is a chirp that occurs just before the key down it chirps first then keys up and talks fine. Is this something I something I should be concerned with thank you Tom

Hi Tom Ya know I have that same radio with the same chirp. I have asked many to tell me if they hear the chirp on the air and no one has heard it but me. I know what it is but i wont fix it due to the fact it is the only radio that does that to me and i think its kinda cute for it to do it. Now to let you in on the secret is that for the radio to go from rx to tx is handled by transistors plus the computer has to give final say so to tx. So the chirp is developed by the switching and computer turn around times to allow you to talk. I hope this helps.Ray
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Motorola mr350 I have several MR350r, after changing batteries to one, in a trip, it stop comunicating with the rest... Everything set identical... Code, QT, chanel, everything. I did a Monitor check, to see if the one that stop working find the rest, and it did find them, but on a differnt chanel... always one less channel. I mean... if I have the other 4 radios set to CH 3 Code 4, this one should be set in CH 2 Code 4, and works perfectly well. This happen with every channel, I mean, when the rest is CH X this one works perfectly well if set in CH X-1. Something happen with this one that has the chanel shifted one down... is there any way to reset the Radio? Obviously I already took out the batteries, I replace them, etc. but it is the same. It seems that the radio has something else, because it remember the ch and the code it was set, before I took out the batteries, so ... a hard reset is not done by taking the batteries out. Any advice?. thank you!

I started in electronics 33 years ago and my first job was in LMR;s (land mobile radios). I know they have changed a lot since then but the basic transmitting structure will always be the same. It sounds like something that I have never seen but one or two go bad but on these occasions the Crystal has changed frequency. This is your Local Oscillator and will cause your superheterodyne to run at a different frequency. It would be a constant frequency and explain the one channel. I know if the wrong crystal is put in one and is close enough to even run it can be several channels off. Check this out it is a little far fetched because as I said earlier these things seldom go bad but you never know. If it is a crystal then when you reset it it would reset to the same frequency that it has changed to. It is still working but just off frequency. Let me know how it turns out. Later-
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No antenna lite when transmitting

Antenna light should be a warning indicator for high VSWR..... simple rule of thumb for CB antenna.... the lower the frequency "channel" the longer the antenna length, higher the frequency "channel" the shorter the antenna length. Your vehicle is a ground plane, where you mount the antenna will also affect its operation and tuning. A properly tuned antenna will have lower reflection on the midband channels and gradually rise as you near the upper and lower end of the band. Some base loaded antennas will be noticably narrow in bandwidth, if you have that problem then tune it for the channel you use most!K40 has always been good for easy tuning and band coverage, center it on the vehicle top for good omni coverage!PS... always make sure your connectors are secure, a loose shield will ruin your day when adjusting SWR!
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One radio continually transmits

Switch radio off ,remove battery for +- 5 min. replace and try agian .if problem exist ensure that u can hear the ptt micro switch cliking  when u depress it ,if not the ptt switch coud be faulty or sticky .also measure the battery voltage 'some radios go into tx mode when the battery voltage drops to a certain level .does the radio still transmit when it is charging? GOOD LUCK!!
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Radio will not transmit, display seems wrong

Here is a link to the user manual for the SV600R. Follow the instructions to reprogram the affected radio. Note: The problem you are describing may not be simply programming. The radio problem may be non-reversible. You might also try a new battery, or switch the battery from the other unit for a test, just to see if the battery is bad.
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