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Cobra 148 gtl Low / No receive audio

The radio has good tx audio and pa audio, so the audio chip is working. I can create audio by do a "finger resitance" across the pcb. any ides where to look? everything on the radio is good except rx audio. Even took anther 148 and jumpered between the red wires on vloume, the radio would create sound from the other radio. RX does work, needle moves and you can pick up some sound by "fingering the pcb..... cobra148 gtl malaysia pcb 1995 build

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Cobra 148 gtl Low / No receive audio

No audio out / low audio out....This is a constant problem with the COBRA 148 get a good level of volume replace the electro caps ...start around the two speaker wires and work back from there. I'm in the process of rebuilding a 148 gtl and have found caps that are leaky and dried out...after replacing nine the volume went up to a good i need to fix the distortion and background hash. Did you know that there are many posts on FIXYA about this same problem I.E. great TX , great PA but poor , or no audio out. these sets have been made in sevetal countries...The sets made in Taiwan or China have poor quality front panel pots (the carbon track is micro thin and simply wares through to the material the track is printed on) This has the same effect as removing a wire from a pot I.E. no audio. The good news is that 99% of parts in the radio are freely available and that includes the front panel controls. ONE WONDERS IF THE SET IS WORTH THE EFFORT !!! CHEERS GUYS / GIRLS.
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On rx , i have a low carrier , sometimes cannot hear someone vs another radio

Depends on how it was modded? Were both the TX and RX broadbanded and tetuned?? Possibly poor work..
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Need Cobra 148GTL with Cobra HG M75 pin-out color code

The above wiring combination does not work
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Cobra 148GTL Missing TX Modulation

Check voltage regulator
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Cobra 1000 will not receive or transmit.

Sounds like a problem with the VCO / PLL Circuit since nothing happens in RX or TX. Check to make sure you have the correct supply voltages to start with and also check to see if you have 10.240Mhz. Use the service manual and go through the PLL/VCO alignment section. If anything is missing then you at least know where to look.
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Cobra 148 gtl

First take a jumper wire and connect it to the DC Ground of the input of the radio then touch it to the TX pin on the radio if it does keyes up then its in the mic or mic cord on the end of the mic plug or where it goes into the mic cable goes up inside the mic. If the radio don't key up at all then check the main voltage regulator chip one pin will have 8 volts transmit and another pin will have 8volts recieve. If you get no switching DC voltage on the regulator then its bad and needs replacing there is also a known bad capacitor in the radio thats only 10 volts change it to 25 volts at the same capacitance.
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Cobra 148gtldx low vol squelch on fm

Hi Mate, the problem you are having in not uncommon in the COBERA 148 GTL. I suspect that the problem lies in low value uF electro caps drying out (electrolite) causing power down and frequency drift. The capacitors are in two forms..tiny blue tantalum, and standard radial base caps that are grey aluminium cans with a black stripe,it would be a job for a skilled person in electronics to replace all of them. The square metal cans with a screw ferrite slug are what you use to tune the radio, and as there are lot of them ,and you don't have a circuit diagram ,it would be pot luck finding the right one/s. What you realy need to know is all electronic devices age and hence, no longer do their job. it would cost more than the set is worth to rebuild it,but if you have the skills ,it can be done. am cb with usb / lsb are a thing of the past now and you would be better off buying a used set that is still in top working order. The uhf sets are useless as was the am sets depending on what you want the sets to do, in convoy.... remote country....useless. Having said that the am/usb/lsb sets are the best of the three because on ssb they tx on about 12 watts rms so you have a better chance of making contact, but don't count on it as hf cb is no longer in common use. GOOD LUCK
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Cobra 148gtl no tx audio receive ok,tx carrier on am no modulation though mic just stopped.replaced ics ta7222p and voltage reg mb3756.maybe its in the mic amp any help please.

Without having a look inside of radio. but sounds like the voltage req chip on the side of radio.i think off hand its mb3756 .yes just got out manuel this one .usually causes problems like your back.cheers from new zealand..rick.
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Cobra 148fgtl low power on am/ssb no swing all finals ok

Try adjusting the L36,L38 to the highest reading on the external meter and then adjust VR10 TO 4 watts. If this doesn't cure the problem, you have a weak final transistor. Good Luck
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142 GTL Good AM Carrier Weak Modulation????

Have you checked TR 26 AMC amp, and TR 24 & 25 AMC amps also for SSB TR34 ALC amp. make sure all voltages are right if all checks out try lifting out of the board or cut the collector of TR24 and try it. oop's that slipped out.
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