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Working restricted area

I am in Canada tring to make work my T7100 and it dont whant to transmitt and receive voice. TEST A: Any chanels (1 or 14 or 22) using Interference Eliminator Code 0: I press "pit":no noise, i talk: noise reception in the other radio. Call tone is received. TEST B Any chanel (1 or 14 or 22) using Interference Eliminator Code 1 to 38: I press "pit":no noise, i talk: no voice and no noise reception in the other radio. Call tone is not received. I bought them in Virginia Usa and they where working at that moment. Are they built to work in any area?

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Working restricted area

I have seen a lot of those radios that has a "factory problem" to determ this fist check that: Both radios must to have same channel and same Code. Basically has to have the same numbers on display. Check if one of them has the Quiet Tone. Work in any area?--- if you have a Pair of radios they must to work between each other, mostly of this radios works in FRS frequencies as a Talk About from Motorola This radios can present some problems with frequency error, but if you have no the necesary equipment you could not to ajust it. I hope this tips can hel you Ernesto Garcia
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Modify a motorola T5500 to work in different frequency

Sorry. The MHz of your radio cannot be changed. And there are no "private" frequencies available for use. However, your radio is equipped with this in mind. There are 22 frequencies built into the T5500, along with 38 Interference Eliminator Codes. The two combined offer you over 836 choices to avoid other people. And if this is not sufficient, they also have the capability Qt filtering. Page 19: Interference Eliminator Codes Page 21-22: Qt Filter
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For any reason these radios lost communication in the floor near a range of 60 feet open area, employees have to move to a range of 40 feet in the center of the area to get good signal. Batteries are good antenas are good, frequency settings are good. They work fine in the beginning, so I am thinking that something external in the area is afecting the signal. Is there something else that I need to know?

Loss of range usually indicates a programming problem, such as having the radios on a near, but not exact frequency; or issues with the antennas. Check your programming and see that the frequencies/PL codes match one another, and that the users are on the same channel as one another when using the radios. Also check the power output setting (if it is visible to you in the programming software). These radios even on low wattage should be able to talk line-of-sight up to 2 mi. However, with VHF any obstacles greatly reduce the range. If the radios worked fine in the beginning, and are failing now, you have to think back to what might have changed along the way. If you feel no changes have been made by you or the users, then you may have a bad radio in the mix, and it needs repair. (Flat rate usually around $85 USD) It is doubtful their is anything external effecting the range. If you had radio interference, you'd likely have problems with static, general noise, and your radio's receiver opening up even when no one is transmitting. Best regards.
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Motorola and Kenwood compatibility....

Hello!! First of all, any radio in the right frequency will work with any other, to work just need the following features: -Frequency, 154.700 which is correct as you said. - the Squelch code, this could be PL or DPL. The XV2100 has a table of codes that you can try, as you dont know this code form the Kenwood, you will need to check one by one. If you have the chance to send the Kenwood to some to "Read" the radio parameters( freq.,Code, ETc) you can look those parameters on the XV. Hope this can help, any comments Good Luck
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Radio will not transmit, display seems wrong

Here is a link to the user manual for the SV600R. Follow the instructions to reprogram the affected radio. Note: The problem you are describing may not be simply programming. The radio problem may be non-reversible. You might also try a new battery, or switch the battery from the other unit for a test, just to see if the battery is bad.
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One radio makes loud tone when other radio transmits

You may have a defective radio that has a bad push to talk switch which doesn't mute the receiver and feeds back audio to itself or this could be a bad solder connection or a broken wire inside. Not much you can do except replace it or have a tech look at it.
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Free Set FW13Z Two-Way , One Working, Good Battries in both.

Big Al responding to your message, yes I would like to take this offer, my email address is raeleen
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Have a Motorola XV2100 VHF two way radio that works well except the volume control must be turned all the way up so you can hear it. The radio is about 5 years old and was never used very hard. Even with the volume turned all the way up it the sound is equal to a medium whisper. The other radio I bought at the same time works well. I have seen the same used radios on sale on ebay with the same problem. Any help, guidance, or cost of getting it fixed is greatly appreciated. Ed

Hi Ed, The VHF radio that is quiet, does the Speaker have a rattle, even very slight? if so that speaker could be faulty, and /or also does the volume control make a scratchy noise when you rotate it?if so this could be faulty try some CRC down the shaft let it sit for say 15 minutes then rotate the conrol from stop to stop a few times.To service--- well, would pay you to get a quote first from one or more service establishments if repairs are required. Good luck, John.
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Cobra LI7200 I just received a pair of Cobra 2 way Model LI7200 and I cannot get them to work with each other. I can pick up other people sometimes but I cannot communicate between the two radios. We are on the same channel and the volume is turned up. The call and the talk to not work. I got the same problem with my cobra Li 6700 radios. One of them didnt't work with other radios, but the other one did. Obviously it's a manufacturing problem. I'm looking for the electronica schematics, since i opened my radio and i found to variable resistors and a variable capacitor. I'll try to find out if adjusting them my radio could come back to life !

Please don't touch any internal adjustments. It is like a 10 digit combination lock that is set to open. If you start changing the numbers, you will never get it open. I think the problem is with your tone coded squelch (CTCSS). Your radio channel is like a telephone party line. If your CTCSS is not on, everytime you turn your radio on you will hear anyone on that channel that is close enough to hear. If you are trying to use these radios for serious communications, that will drive you nuts to hear everybody else talking but not about what you need to hear. To try to mitigate this problem, CTCSS was created. There are 38 different codes. If you for example set your unit to operate on code 11 and your other unit is set to operate on code 12, you could not hear each other. Now let's add a third unit set to not use CTCSS at all. Neither one of you will be able to hear this third unit but he can hear both of you. Now you set the second unit to code 11 like the first unit. Now you will be able to hear each other. The third unit will still be able to hear both of you but since he is not transmitting code 11, you still can't hear him. If you are hearing some traffic, it is because they have their CTCSS set to the same code that you are set to. Look in you operators manual for CTCSS Privacy Codes. Set your radios accordingly and I think you will be in business. Let me know if this doesn't take care of you problem.
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